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safe for infantsDressing your baby properly is one of the most essential components of good parenting. Simply slapping together an outfit for your little one is both irresponsibly and potentially harmful. Did you know that there are some clothes considered dangerous for babies? Regardless of that fact, clothing manufacturers still develop fashions which use those hazardous features. As a dutiful parent, you must determine what’s safe and what’s not so you can dress your children accordingly.

The Top Five Treacherous Features to Avoid When Buying Infant Clothes

Picking out what your infant will wear can be a lot of fun, so don’t spoil the party by putting your baby in clothes that could get them hurt. When shopping around, try to avoid items that have the following features, even if they’re the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen:

  1. Lots of Strings

Never purchase infant clothing that has an abundance of strings attached to it. This is a prime reason that baby onesies became so popular, of course. This is not only a choking hazard, it is a strangulation hazard as well. Drawstring pants are very cute, and hoodies with strings can look amazing, but the chance of hurting your baby is not worth the oohs and ahs of onlookers.

  1. Sewn-On Buttons

Infants explore the world around them in many ways. One of the most common: sticking things in their mouths. As an infant, a sewn-on button is just asking to be chewed on. Limit their access to temptation to prevent them from swallowing or choking on loose buttons.

  1. Flammable Material

Keep in mind that most clothing will catch fire is exposed to extreme heat or flame. However, putting your kids in clothes that are extremely flammable is not a good idea at all. Protect your infant by dressing him or her in flame retardant materials such as:

  • Coated nylon
  • Melamine
  • Modacrylic
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Fire-Resistant Cotton

You can also purchase flame retardant spray to apply to your infant’s surroundings, or buy flame retardant textiles to create your own infant clothes.

  1. Improper Fit

The way clothing fits plays a huge role in how safe the wearer is, and your infant is no exception. Loosing fitting garments can get tangled, while tight clothing can pinch and cut off circulation. Be sure you infant’s clothes fit properly through each stage of growth to ensure maximum safety.

Dress your child in clothes that do not possess these features and you should be good to go. For more information about special clothing concerns regarding your infant, consult a pediatrician.